Christian Kroneck likes science fiction and everything that has to do with cyberspace. Comics like Akira, MTV's The Max or the early Batman, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell, etc. had a particularly strong influence on him as a teenager. The darkness that is reflected in the stories, which is always replaced by light and positive content in the end. Music plays a crucial role in this, Christian associates a lot with it, it is an inevitable part of the creative process.

From drawings in his childhood to video editing in his youth, Christian used to do a lot more painting and photography. Now it's mainly about graphics and motion design. Most of the time he works as a motion and graphic designer in Leipzig and supports agencies or projects with his ideas. From time to time he is also responsible for entire videos, unfortunately far too rarely.
So please check out his channels on Vimeo, Behance and Instagram. What you see there comes from the heart. His work is characterised by a lot of experience and the continuous presentation of his own interpretation, without following existing trends.

So if you are interested in some of his work and therefore need your own approach to your project, don't hesitate to send me a message!​​​​​​​
E-Mail: christian(at)